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Cryptonavia ceases its activities

It is with emotion that we inform you that Cryptonavia will no longer provide its services.
We didn't manage to reach sufficient traffic or close the deals that were needed to make Cryptonavia sustainable.

We are nonetheless very happy to have given this a shot, worked and learned through the development of Cryptonavia, and met wonderful people along the way.

Huge thank to all the people who supported or helped us in any way, we are truly grateful.

So long,
the Cryptonavia Team

What will happen to the app ?

We will no longer support the cost of our data collection and processing. However, we are proud of the app's interface and want to keep a trace of it.

That's why we'll maintain the app in a "frozen" mode. See below the warnings and characteristics of this mode :

  • All the data collection and processing is stopped. The graphs are fixed to January the 1st, 2021.
  • The live price update flashes are completely fake.
  • Overall, the data should not be taken seriously in any way. There might be some quirks due to some sources being still live and interfering with the fixed data.
  • The data loading is significatively slower
  • It is still possible to create, modify, and save personal dashboards.
  • The premiums plans are not available anymore, only the free plan will be available.