Module Doc - Github Overview


This module displays some important metrics of the coin's Github repositories :

  • The number of watchers : a watcher is a Github user who asked to be notified of activity in the repository.
  • The number of stargazers : a stargazer is a Github user who "starred" the repository by clicking on the star icon. It can be seen as a like or a bookmark feature.
  • The total number of contributors : a contributor is a Github user who has contributed some code to the project.
  • The total number of commits since the creation of the repository : a commit is an individual change to a file or set of files. Commit are 'stacked' on top of each other, thus this number will only increase with time.
  • The current number of branches : a branch is a parallel version of a repository, allowing the team to work freely on new features without disrupting the "live" version. Both active and stale branches are taken into account.
  • The total number of releases since the creation of the repository : in software engineering, a release is the distribution of a certain version of an application. Github provides a corresponding feature based on Git tags, but we do not count regular Git tags that have not been associated with a release. Draft releases are not included.
  • The number of forks : a fork is a separated copy a repository. Anyone can fork an open source project and freely make changes without affecting the original repository, which it usually used to submit code contributions to the project team.

Some cryptocurrencies Github profiles present multiple repositories. Sometimes one of the repositories is the "main" one, but as some project are built around multiple repositories, we decided to always consider all the repositories. Thus, each metric is summed across all the repos for the profile, without any form of deduplication.

The module also displays variation values compared to the previous week.

The values are updated every week.

To learn more about Github analysis, read our dedicated article.

Graph Options

This module presents a coin selector. The displayed data accounts for one focused coin, you have to choose it from the ones you're tracking in this dashboard.