Cryptonavia's Change log

What is a change log ?

As explained in our first Release Notes we'll be creating a post each time we release new functionalities at the end of one of our production cycle (More about that in a future post). However sometimes we have to make changes between these releases, in order to fix a critical bug, or adapt to some third-party changes. This modifications won't be mentioned in a dedicated post, as they're often very small and somewhat technical. Instead we created this article which is a history of every changes made to the app, both during and between releases. This is closer to a technical document than the Releases Notes, so no memes here !

Hotfix v2.1.3

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed Github data missing from the app

Hotfix v2.1.2

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed Github collection frequency

Hotfix v2.1.1

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed pointer events on tweet maps

Release v2.1.0

stories completed:

  • Made the login case insensitive
  • Improved tool tip positioning
  • Added an Hotness indicator and a Hotness sort toggle
  • Improved line chart animation to match the time period
  • Added dynamic page titles

bugs fixed:

  • Centered polarity volume on coin pages
  • Fixed tabs order
  • Fixed mobile menus icons that were cropped
  • Minor UI tweaks

Release v2.0.0

Start of the public Beta

Release v1.0.0

Private Alpha