Release Notes v2.1.0 (Beta)


Cryptonavia v2.1.0 - Releases Notes

Hey guys !

Welcome to the first of our Releases Notes. From now on, each time we add some features and bug fixes to Cryptonavia, we'll make a post in the Release Notes section detailing the changes we made to the app. Your feedback is really important to us, so it's our way to show you that we take your suggestions seriously. How our release cycle works exactly will be the subject of a future blog post, but know that we'll be adding new features to the app as often as twice a month, so stay tuned !

And now for today's changes ...

gif captain picard engage
Thank you Jean-Luc.

We heard you !

Features we prioritized because it was important to you:

  • Case insensitive login: Some of you have noticed that our login system was case sensitive. Meaning that if your registered with "[email protected]" you could not login with "[email protected]". Well now the email will be accepted no matter the case used. You can even login with [email protected], go crazy!
  • Animations that make sense: Until now, when switching from one time period to another on a line chart, you could see the line changing shape in real time, but the animation was somewhat misleading as it wasn’t representing matching dates. This is the case now, it should feel more like you are zooming in or out.

Fresh out of the oven

New functionalities we added to the application in this release:

  • Hotness indicator : News that were particularly popular during the last week are now marked with one or several flame emojis like this one : 🔥. The number of flames depends on the popularity;
  • Hot/Latest toggle: You can now decide whether you wan to sort your news by date of publication or by hotness.

Well this is awkward...

Minor bugs fixed in this release:

  • Fix tool-tips positioning: Sometimes a tooltip would spill out of the view port, this won't happen anymore;
  • Various minor UI fixes.