Release Notes v2.2.0 (Beta)


Cryptonavia v2.2.0 - Releases Notes

Hey guys !

Welcome to our 2nd Releases Notes. Each time we add some features and bug fixes to Cryptonavia, we make a post in the Release Notes section detailing the changes we made to the app. Your feedback is really important to us, so it's our way to show you that we take your suggestions seriously. How our release cycle works exactly will be the subject of a future blog post, but know that we be add new features to the app as often as twice a month, so stay tuned !

And now for today's changes ...

bob ross
And here, some happy little release notes.

We heard you !

Features we prioritized because it was important to you:

  • Coin page link: You can now access the coin pages directly from the lab by clicking on one of your coins in the left panel.
  • Loaders & placeholders: As you may know, Cryptonavia is a React one-page app, and most of the data requests are asynchronous. Some of you noticed that the absence of placeholders during data loading was sometimes misleading. An unexpected bug notification was also popping when clicking multiple times on the 'Create my dashboard' button at the end of the Lab setup. That's in the past now, as we set up some gorgeous loaders and placeholders on all asynchronous actions that needed one.

Fresh out of the oven

New functionalities we added to the application in this release:

  • Coin page 2.0: the coin page get a fresh look, some options on the graphs that weren't previously available on this page, and a new "info" tab.
  • News timeline: this is the main feature of this release. All timeline charts (like USD Prices or Twitter Volumes) now have a 'news' option that you can turn on or off with the 'i' toggle. This option will display directly on the graph the most important news for the given date range, this will help you understand the reasons or the consequences of the variations you're seeing on the graph.

news timeline.png
The news timeline feature

Well this is awkward...

Minor bugs fixed in this release:

  • Scroll bars fixes: The handling of scrollable content by certain browsers was sometimes causing margin problems or overflow artefacts.
  • Various minor UI fixes.