Release Notes v2.3.0 (Beta)


Cryptonavia v2.3.0 - Releases Notes

Hey guys !

Welcome to our 3rd Releases Notes. Each time we add some features and bug fixes to Cryptonavia, we make a post in the Release Notes section detailing the changes we made to the app. Your feedback is really important to us, so it's our way to show you that we take your suggestions seriously. How our release cycle works exactly will be the subject of a future blog post, but know that we add new features to the app as often as twice a month, so stay tuned !

And now for today's changes ...

Scroll of truth
We'll keep making them anyway

We heard you !

Features we prioritized because it was important to you:

  • Coins & Colors: Previously the coins were given random colors in the lab, which was confusing to some. Now when possible, the coin's colors will be as close as possible to the coin's logos without conflicting with each other. No more blue Bitcoin !
  • Coin Search Engine improvements: Because we index thousands of coins, the results given when sorting the coins by anything else than market cap were polluted by really small or inactive coins. This is no longer the case ! We've added a toggle on the Coin Search Engine, which is on by default, that filters out coins with a really low daily volume.
  • Mobile improvements : We're removed the arrows when scrolling the tabs of the lab on mobile which makes the navigation easier.

Fresh out of the oven

New functionalities we added to the application in this release:

  • New data on the world map: On top of the tweets volume distribution across the world, we've now added a layer showing the volume evolution in each country ! The color of each country goes from red to green depending on if the volume decreased or increased.
  • Socials feed: We've added a feed to monitor tweets and Reddit posts coming from the main Twitter accounts and Crypto Subreddits. No need to leave the app to keep track of the community activity!

Twitter volume variation
The tweets volume variation across the world

Well this is awkward...

Minor bugs fixed in this release:

  • Margin fixes: Minor margin adjustments so things stop being clipped;
  • Various minor UI fixes;
  • Fixed a bug leaving the coins from the previous dashboard when creating a blank dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug triggering a render from scratch of the Cluster Map when adding a coin to a dashboard