Release Notes v3.0.0


Cryptonavia v3.0.0 - Releases Notes

Hey guys !

Welcome to our 4th Releases Notes. Each time we add some features and bug fixes to Cryptonavia, we make a post in the Release Notes section detailing the changes we made to the app. Your feedback is really important to us, so it's our way to show you that we take your suggestions seriously. How our release cycle works exactly will be the subject of a future blog post, but know that we add new features to the app as often as twice a month, so stay tuned !

Today is a bit special as we're proud to release the first finalized version of Cryptonavia, including new features but most importantly the payment and subscription system.

Let's get into it ...

Thank you Borat

We heard you !

Features we prioritized because it was important to you:

  • Github metrics Evolution : the last 6 month evolution of the github metrics is now available on a dedicated module 'Github Timeline'. We also added the last week variation of each metric on the github overview module.
  • Map mode : the worldmap mode (volume or variations) wasn't saved when saving a dashboard or switching tabs. This is now the case !
  • The variation switch on timeline charts is now available on the coin page.
Capture d’écran 2020-01-21 à 16.32.04.png
The new Github Timeline module

Fresh out of the oven

New functionalities we added to the application in this release:

  • Creation of an account menu on the top right corner, giving access to 2 new pages : Account Settings and Subscriptions & Billing
  • Creation of an email address validation system. The email validation is needed for paid plan for security reasons. A validation email is sent at account creation, but it can be requested again manually in the Account Settings page. If the user never validated his email address, an email will be sent anyway when the user tries to subscribe to a paid plan.
  • It is now possible to change your password without having to reset it, by changing it directly in the Account Settings page.
  • It is now possible to delete your account on your own, directly in the Account Settings page.

We also created the payment and subscriptions system, which includes :

  • The creation of different levels of access (top 5 coins or all coins) and the integration of the new front elements for the Lite accesses (padlocks, warnings, modals etc)
  • A plan page, which is accessible from the Subscriptions & Billing page
  • A full checkout funnel, with billing information inputs and credit card form, with 3D Secure support. Our payment system is built on Stripe services.
  • Your current subscription and billing statuses are displayed in the Subscriptions & Billing page.
  • From the Subscriptions & Billing page you can also manage your payment methods (add, remove, change default) and your billing information to display on invoices.
  • You will also find in the same page the list of your invoices, their statuses, and a link to download them in pdf format.
  • Transactional email notifications for all this user flow steps

Well this is awkward...

Minor bugs fixed in this release:

  • Various minor UI fixes
  • Fixed a bug showing the worldmap tooltip outside of the actual module when hovering on a zoomed country