Module Doc - Social Feed

Social Feed

This module displays the hottest posts found on the given coins corresponding social feeds. We insist, this include only posts from these given feeds, contrary to our Twitter-focused modules for exemple which scan the whole Twitter sphere. The hotness sorting metric is based on popularity and recency.

Click on the posts to access the original content. Each element is described by the following :

  • The original feed source
  • The date of publication
  • Some popularity metrics depending on which media is the post from
  • The main body of the post (for Twitter it's the tweet itself, for Reddit it's the title)
  • A few lines of details (nothing for Twitter, the first lines of the post for Reddit)
  • Color tags describing which coins of your dashboard has been detected for this post.

The posts are aggregated and supplied by CryptoControl, an independent service.

The feed is updated dynamically.

Graph Options

This module presents some handy options:

  • A tag list of your dashboard cryptos, that allows you to filter the posts to keep only the ones concerning at least one of the checked coins.
  • A media tag list, that allows you to filter the posts to keep only the ones from the checked sources.