Module Doc - Twitter Topic Breakdown


This module displays the tweets topic breakdown for the given coins, ie what people are tweeting about. We consider the tweets from the last 7 days in order to get a feel of the current preoccupations. This includes tweets published by the official project account, but also tweets in which the crypto was mentioned.

Every tweet is analyzed and labeled into one or several categories such as 'Prices', 'Market up', 'ICO', etc. For instance this tweet "the ICO Lookey has a huge potential to skyrocket" will be labeled 'ICO' and 'market up'.

The chart is updated every day.

Graph Options

This module presents an all/hot toogle that allows to switch between showing all the topics or only the top topics.

Tweets Collection

For the tweets collection, we use the official Twitter Search API. As explained above, we check Twitter more frequently for coins that are mentioned more often, which explains the difference in number of 'live' points you can see between different cryptos.

When checking for a given crypto tweets, our number one priority is to avoid counting tweets that aren't actually mentioning the crypto. That's why we only use hashtags of the crypto name or symbol to detect tweets.

As some altcoins symbols can also be actual acronyms of other brands or products, sometimes even more popular that the altcoin itself, it is really important that we don't stop here : we've built a classifier to detect if a tweet is really about blockchain or cryptocurrencies. Each tweet relevance is thus checked before including it in our processing flow.

IMPORTANT NOTE : On 2019 August the 27th, we improved our classifier engine, in particular to be more severe about the tweet relevance. It didn't change the volumes for most of the coins, but it did reduced it drastically for a few altcoins that were benefiting from volumes of other topics sharing the same hashtags. Keep it in mind when analysing historical data.